KicsterAsh’s Theory

Taken from one of KicsterAsh‘s art.

By KicsterAsh

Francis Flynn didn’t always want to be an inventor; he had first wanted to be a musician, playing drums and singing. He could play the guitar, but only if he felt like doing so. But when he won first place at a science fair in middle school with an invention he created that actually worked to perfection, he began rethinking his future.

Francis’s best friend, Mitchel “Mitch” Beauregard, nicknamed him Frankie Big Eyes on account of the thick spectacles Francis had to wear to school since an early age. His eye sight had always been poor, but even through to college, he never let that keep him from doing the things he loved to do. Francis and Mitch attended Danville University together, one aiming to be an inventor while the other went into education, later on becoming the principal of the high school our favorite duo, Phineas and Ferb now attend.

During his second year of university, Francis met Linda, a young woman who was currently majoring in anthropology and art history. While she had had a secret crush on the inventor since she first set her eyes on him, Francis often dodged the idea of going out with a girl, due to a traumatic event that took place in high school (Noooo, he did NOT lose anyone in a car accident! XDDD It’s something else). He decided to simply “be friends”, but after another year of constantly hanging out with her and going to movies and studying, Francis finally pushed the past aside and asked her out on a date. The summer after graduation, the two got married.

Francis dragged in more junk than money on most occasions, but even as a part-time inventor (he worked at an office the other half of the time), he was able to support his family with the help of his wife. A year after buying a house and helping his wife start a small antique business, Francis and Linda became parents when their daughter, Candace Flynn, was born on July 11th. Francis loved spending time with his daughter more than being at the office.

Five years after, just a few months after Candace had begun kindergarten, a second child was added to the Flynn family: chip off the old block, Phineas Flynn was born on December 5th just as a snow storm hit Danville.

Francis’ inventions began to focus on children, and his daughter and son were always pleased with what he came up with. Creating his own fireworks for the 4th of July became a yearly hobby for the man, as well as an extra treat for Candace and Phineas.

Christmas Day the year Phineas turned two brought along yet another addition to the family. While out hiking with Mitch, Francis stopped by the hideout of a wanted poacher. Police were already on the scene arresting the man, and Francis was about to leave with Mitch when he saw something move in a box near the rundown house. Walking over to inspect it, he found five platypus pups (yes, they’re actually called that. NOT puggles, apparently that’s a common misconception. There’s not real name, but a common word would be platypup, or shortened to pup.). Four of the five were already dead, due to the cold weather, but the fifth one was still alive, despite being near to death. After persuading the chief police officer, Francis scooped up the half-frozen platypus and immediately took him to a vet to have him checked over. After a week, the pup began to show signs of recovery, and after coming up with the money to pay for it, Francis took the little animal home to give to his son for Christmas.

The first word that burst out of Phineas’ mouth when he saw the darling semi-aquatic animal was “Perry!”

Francis was able to see the two grow side by side for another nine months, until tragedy struck the Flynn Family which would affect them, for good and for bad, for the rest of their lives.


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2 Responses to KicsterAsh’s Theory

  1. Sorry, I’m not very good speaking English ^^;
    Well, for me Francis Flynn is one of the best OC’s PnF apart from Thomas and Marie. KicsterAsh is a great artist to create it, the truth has been clarified many doubts (though it’s just fandom) and Francis is a great explanation for the genius of Phineas. She has made a spectacular, and my dream is to be as good as her :DDDDD

  2. GELI says:

    I thin this is the best theory yet. So what if its a fandom? It makes perfect sense and it looks just like phineas!

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