Kuzlalala’s Theory

Taken from “My Opinions on Phineas and Candace’s Father” from 1234 Friendship Creation Blog, slightly modified.

Read arranged version in “Lala’s Long but Orderly Put Theory about Phineas and Candace’s Biological Father“.

Phineas reading his (biological) father's diary.

This post is based on my opinions. In my opinion their biological father is Perry the Platypus. The theory was first mentioned in the Internet by Bobtherandomguy from PnF Wiki. I know, it’s weird, but I just think it’s the best theory of their biological father yet.

I’m not just gonna talk about how Perry the Platypus lost his fatherhood. I’m gonna tell my theory on how their father (any kind of person, not just Perry or Doofenshmirtz) disappeared and what kind of problems he had with Linda. I will also going to tell you about his history. I’m still using Perry the Platypus as the “father” in this theory.

Here it goes.

During high school, Perry (it’s most likely not his real name, but let’s just call him “Perry”, OK?) is an inventor/geek? and master guitar player, being part of a band. Eventually Linda got impressed by Perry’s awesome guitar playing and wanted to learn how to play the guitar from him. Perry agreed. As he teaches Linda how to play the guitar, they eventually love each other, agreed to date and even marry.

They both became big stars, being famous and all. But a few years later they gave up on their star careers and settled for a simple family life. Except that… Perry is too busy with his job. He wasn’t even there when Linda gave birth to Candace. (makes me think that Linda would most likely ask “Hey, where’s Perry?” LOL) Perry does take care of Candace (but rarely), and he really wants to, but he feels that his job is a must, and frequently leaves his family for his job… as a secret agent. Candace became lonely, not only because her father’s very busy but her mother has her business too. Because of that she would usually play with an imaginary Zebra and Ducky Momo. (I think.) There’s also a possibility that Perry wanted Candace to be a boy and occasionally called her “Kevin”.

One day, Perry received an announcement from the boss (maybe Major Monogram, but probably not) that in order to disguise better, the agents must transform into animals. Perry had to think for a while, he’s not sure if he’s ready to turn into an animal. Then at home, he suddenly had a fight with Linda while she was being pregnant with Phineas. She scolded him badly about his absence for the family. It surely doesn’t help that she’s having mood swings during the moment.

Then came the tearjerker. Perry came close to Candace to say good-bye, wrote a “suicidal note” saying that he’s sorry that he can’t take care of the family because he’s too busy for work, and left to change into… a platypus.

Well, the father doesn’t have to be Perry. He could be replaced with some other guy who cares about work more than his family, and left them without trace, thus being “dead in absentia”. The “preferring work over family” part is mostly inspired by Swampy Marsh’s joke about Perry being married with his job. Seriously, it helped so much. Thank you!

OK, move on! After Linda found out, she went quiet. There’s no sign of being sad or happy or angry. She just went to bed. The next days she tried to find a new love. That’s when she found Lawrence. Apparently Lawrence has a scholarship to study in the US and brought Ferb (whom I think got pregnant with Ferb because of alien abduction, but he always keeps it a secret – even Linda doesn’t know). They fell in love and got married. Somehow.

Oh yeah! Perry who was transformed into a platypus was soon Linda’s pet a few months before Phineas was born. Perry’s memory got a bit mixed up, and he kinda forgot his fatherly days, which is probably why he doesn’t have any romantic affection with Linda. She got Lawrence anyway. When Perry was still human he regretted that he can’t take care of his kids, especially Candace, so when he’s a platypus, he has a sudden affection towards Candace, despite that they have a love-hate relationship.

My depiction of their dad holding Candace as a toddler.

EDIT: I’m gonna add some more because I have realized that Phineas had an experience with baby Perry. You know, in that episode where Perry had to be resigned to another enemy because Dr. Doofenshmirtz isn’t much of a threat? Well, here’s the addition.

Apparently before Perry became a platypus, his nemesis wasn’t Dr. Doofenshmirtz. He goes against any enemy all over the world, like James Bond. He’s also the best agent in his agency (and probably the only competent one). When he was in the agency, he also makes his own gadgets which he uses when he fights against evil. Because of this, he only appeared at home for once a year. The first time of the year is when Perry made Linda got pregnant with Phineas. A few months later, he came back, but was scolded by Linda.

Perry was pretty much banished from the house forever. Then the agency wanted Perry to be reborn as an animal to disguise better with a machine. With the machine, Perry became a platypus, but a mindless platypus. The agency got disbanded because they have destroyed their best agent and was replaced by the O.W.C.A. The organization thought that the platypus had some potential, so they figured out a method to make the platypus act like a human with multiple abilities. Then they figured out that they could also do it with other animals, and set them with their own nemesis, so they wouldn’t have one agent trying to defeat many enemies.

EDIT #2: Editing again! Linda, Phineas, and Candace’s last names were Flynn. Some would assume that their father’s last name is Flynn, too. But since Linda’s parents’ last names were also Flynn, the father’s last name would obviously be something else. And then, someone said that Linda and the father might have not been married yet. I think it’s possible in the US to have kids despite not getting married yet, so maybe they haven’t married yet and never divorced (in this theory the father “died”, not “divorced”).

EDIT #3: Some people were wondering if Phineas and Candace even have the same dad. Well, I think they have the same dad, since Candace’s head is pointy like Phineas, though it may just be her hair. But it’s also possible that Linda was a *ehem* prostitute with men and had Phineas and Candace. And for those who think that Heinz Doofenshmritz is one of them, no. I do not think that Dr. Doofenshmirtz is the father of any of them. I’ve been convinced by the Doofenshmirtz Family Reunion and the episode What Do It Do? where Heinz had a (possibly blind) date with Linda and had never meet again until this day.

EDIT #4: I also realized that Perry had some big ideas and is a pretty good mechanic himself. As you can see, in Phineas and Ferb Hawaiian Vacation, Perry could make a nice “paradise” quickly. The animals? He probably trained them.

File:Perry stranded on island.JPG

Also, in I Was a Middle Aged Robot, Perry; while operating a robot designed to look like Lawrence, created a (moving) windmill balloon as a “balloon animal”, though it might be the robot’s mechanism. If it was Perry anyway, I don’t think he’s taking the word “balloon animal” literally.

While in Picture This, Perry could operate the boys’ invention, which implies that he had at least the basic knowledge of advanced machinery.

So, it kinda makes sense that Perry is Phineas and Candace’s father, since he is mechanically inclined.

EDIT #5: This big theory was inspired by many theories and events from Phineas and Ferb, though there are many theories which I’ve made myself.

My first inspiration is from Bobtherandomguy, who made me think that basically, “Perry is Phineas and Candace’s father” and the evidence. I don’t really agree with his other theories about him, like “his soul was transplanted into a platypus” and “his human name is Kevin”. The “soul” part is too supernatural for a show like Phineas and Ferb, thus I’ve made him as a “human who turned into a platypus”.

Next, I’ve mentioned before that Perry was a famous (probably a one-hit wonder) guitar player. This was inspired by one Wild Mass Guessing from TV Tropes that Linda had married a famous star before, so… why not? Also, I’ve made Perry Linda’s “tutor” for guitar-playing because first, Perry is a talented guitar player as shown in Lizard Whisperer, and that Linda plays a guitar as shown in Jerk De Soleil and Just Passing Through.

And what inspired me to give the idea that Perry is a hard-working man who is too busy for his family came from not only Swampy’s joke, but from other people’s awareness that Candace calls Lawrence “Dad”, despite that he’s her step-father.

Oh, and did I mention that I portray Linda as being neurotic? Linda is shown to be as neurotic as Candace in several occasions, including when Phineas and Ferb were busted. This was shown especially in What Do It Do? where even Candace reacts calm with the neurotic-mode Linda. And mood swings during pregnancy is bad when being panicky is part of your daily basis. Yup, being neurotic plus mood swings equals disaster.

EDIT #6: Since some fans likes to put their childhood and deep history into their OC fathers’ biography, I’ll do it too.

You see, in my opinion, Perry was born from a typical Danvillian family. I think he has a sibling, since I would theorize that Thaddeus and Mandy, and probably Thor were Phineas and Candace’s cousin from their biological father’s side, explained by Thaddeus’s resemblance to Phineas and Thaddeus is also mechanically inclined. I would think that Perry and his sibling were geniuses, except that Perry’s more social but obsessive with his interests while his sibling is quieter and more conscious about the laws of physics. The sibling might also be richer and too caring, which explains Thaddeus’s spoiled personality.

Perhaps Perry had two siblings. More specifically a brother and an older sister: a quite common family formation in the series (The Flynn-Fletchers, Candace’s Family, and Thaddeus and Thor’s Family), which would explain them visiting their aunts. Perry’s last name might be Weaver, since they call their aunt Mrs. Weaver. But then again we don’t know if Mrs. Weaver is either from Perry’s family (which means Perry’s last name isn’t Weaver) or  from another family. For the reason why Phineas and Candace didn’t know about Thaddeus, Thor and Mandy, it’s because Linda never told them about their biological cousins, even after their father “died”. I have to know more about Mrs. Weaver to learn more about the possibilities about this.

Perry’s interests? Well, playing his guitar, of course! He’s part of a band like I’ve said before. Other than that, he loves spy-oriented stuff, especially the gadgets. Sometimes, he reinvents the inventions he finds cool enough. Weird guess is that his older sister wants to bust Perry for making the potentially dangerous gadgets, like multiple laser beam and a wall climber gloves, while his brother always ask him “Is it really OK to make stuff like that?”

Also, Perry thought that being a spy/secret agent’s so fun. His role model? Bond, James Bond. Nah! It’s just a thought. But when he was actually recruited to the Agency before the O.W.C.A., he began to think that the job is very serious and he feels like he has to do it or the world would be a catastrophe.

For Perry’s personality back when he was a human child, I think he’s like Phineas, optimistic and carefree, except that he’s less oblivious to the more mature things, like Ferb. As he grew up, he learns that life is more serious, making him act more serious. Obviously.

EDIT #7: I’ve seen this new preview from the movie:

The Flynn-Fletcher Family getting Perry... according to GeekDad.

Apparently they’re at the Animal Rescue Center, which means Perry was rescued before. Now, my last statement about Perry being their pet a while after Phineas was born, let’s scratch that. I will add though that when Perry was an egg, he was stolen by an evil person (Dr. Doofenshmirtz?) because of the great potential he had, and he could train him into an evil anti-spy with his memory quite erased. The evil person soon got an accident, making the egg lost. The egg was then rescued by the Animal Rescue Team and was brought to the center.

If Perry was found after the O.W.C.A. trained him, Perry was found by them after they were told that the previous Agency’s best agent was turned into a platypus. When they found him, they decided to train him. When Perry was a super awesome spy code-named Agent P in training, he was in an accident and was found by the center, later being found by the Flynn-Fletcher family.

EDIT #8: Due to the above screenshot assuming that the Flynn-Fletcher family adopted Perry after Linda and Lawrence were married, this would make a confusion of Perry’s memory based on the songs Little Brothers.

This song is from Phineas and Ferb Get Busted! where the episode is mostly Perry’s dream and would be an evidence of Perry being Phineas and Candace’s father. Until the screenshot of the Flynn-Fletcher family adopting Perry showed up, which caused some confusion, such as this scene.

Little Candace and Baby Phineas

This screenshot would be an evidence that Perry is Candace and Phineas’s father, since Perry seemed to remember Phineas’s first meeting with Candace. This is very likely to happen before Linda married Lawrence, not after, which was the time when Perry was adopted.

There is also a scene where Linda, Candace and Phineas united with Lawrence and Ferb, which also happened before they adopted Perry. Like, how could Perry remember all of those events if he wasn’t actually there?

I would say that when Perry was a human, he was present when Linda gave Phineas to Candace, but the Flynns and the Fletchers uniting? That would not make sense if Perry was still a human. Or maybe… Perry as a platypus looked through the window while he was training as a secret agent for the O.W.C.A., but I don’t know why he would do that. Maybe he was curious about his ex-wife and his biological children wondering if they’re still happy or not. Or he was just assuming

So, I’m not sure if Little Brothers would be a good evidence at all. It needs a lot of stretching for it to work.

I’ve also have another revision. Yup, you should read from the beginning to the end if you want to see the progress of this theory because there’s gonna be many revisions based on new informations. Apparently, Perry was present when Phineas was born. Linda and Perry wanted to divorce, but they didn’t divorced because Perry already “died” before they even had a chance.

Why, did you ask? Linda doesn’t want to be with Perry because of her neurotic tendencies to make her think that because Perry is a secret agent, he would die while he was working, hang out with some women except for Linda, and she sees Perry as serious all the time and won’t help raising their children. While Perry doesn’t enjoy being with Linda because she’s neurotic and yells at him a lot, though there are some times where he did have good times with Linda (and that’s when he gave Linda their babies… you know what I mean). I see Linda having a character similar to Candace when she was young, and Perry sure didn’t like that as shown in Oh, There You Are, Perry. He also realized that Linda’s better off with Lawrence when he saw them together during one of his missions.

EDIT #9: Since I can’t call him “Bio Dad” forever, I gotta figure out a name for this mysterious man. First, Phineas and Candace’s names are of Greek origin, while their possible biological cousin Thaddeus’s name is of Greek origin, too. So that would mean that their father is Greek, or at least interested in Greek things. (The name “platypus” is also Greek. What a coincidence!)

Then, I want to you know, “foreshadow” that he’ll be called “Perry” when he’s a platypus. I searched for some Greek names in the net which sounded like the name “Perry”. There were weird names, such as “Parthenios” and something similar to “Pierre”. Then I found “Perseus”. It was interesting, and it rings the similar bell as “Phineas” and “Thaddeus”, and that will be the name of my version of Perry’s human self.

For his last name, I’ve found a pretty good last name: Papadakis. There was “Papadopoulos”, but it isn’t as fun to hear as “Papadakis” (so does that mean his biological nephews would be Amanda Papadakis, Thaddeus Papadakis, and Thor Papadakis?). I also decided to name his twin brother Raphael, nicknamed “Raph”, so he’ll have a one-syllable name with Perseus’s three-syllable name. I also named his big sister “Iris”. Now, Raph and Iris doesn’t really sound Greek, right?

EDIT #10: Wow, ten edits already! I think I need some wiki-like article for this one! Anyway, in this edit I would like to show some evidence and what kind of voice the father (and Perry himself).

First of all, I would like to show a bit of evidence in the episode “Brain Drain”, where there’s a plot Dr. Doofenshmirtz doesn’t want to embarrass his daughter Vanessa. In the plot, Dr. Doofenshmirtz had his hands stuck on two disks. When Agent P/Perry saw the unfortunate situation, he decided to help him by controlling him to DJ.

So Perry could DJ too, huh?

This kinda supports my theory. Perry’s a nice guy, especially fathers. He doesn’t want Dr. Doofenshmirtz to disappoint his child like how Perry used to disappoint his children… along with his ex-wife that is.

Wait, but hasn’t Perry got his memory mixed up? Well, instinct has got to be the answer.

Now, for the voice. I personally would like the father (Perseus, in this case) to be voiced by Danny Jacob. You know, that awesome guy who had sung a lot of Phineas and Ferb songs, including Backyard Beach and When We Didn’t Get Along. Here’s him singing the latter.

As you can hear, he almost completely sounds like Phineas when he sounds in a  low pitch. He even sang the demos of the songs sung by Phineas, like Summer Belongs to You and Summer (Where Do We Begin?).

If not Danny Jacob, Dee Bradley Baker, Perry’s voice actor. Well, he could also do that “wacky crazy” voice, in my opinion. He might be more preferred than Danny because he’s like, “the voice actor of Perry the Platypus”, but he’s more into animal and other non-human creature voices. Although the best choice would a guy, other than Danny or Dee, who has a similar “wacky crazy” voice and never voice any other character in Phineas and Ferb at all.

EDIT #10: Since this post is so long I could barely read it, I’ve made this neater by making it an Wikipedia-style article. It’s a blog, really. But you could still navigate the article better unlike this one. Here it is. I’ll post this at the top, too.

OK, since I think this theory is probably gonna be busted sooner or later, I’ll say that there are some parts of this theory which could apply to Phineas and Candace’s biological father in general. It’s not gonna be 100% busted, OK? If it I think the “Perry is Phineas and Candace’s father” theory is busted, I’ll make a separate theory.

Yup, that’s my theory. It’s probably gonna be jossed by Dan and Swampy anyway. *whimper* Really, it’s most likely to happen.


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