Iamthemindfreak’s Theory

Taken from “hey! anyone know who’s candace and phineas’ real dad?”  from Iamthemindfreak′s Phineas and Ferb Wiki Blog, slightly modified.

I’m thinking of random things everyday and one day this came up to me “Who could be Candace and Phineas’ real dad?”

Does anybody here knows? I’m thinking it’s Doofenshmirtz. Yes, you may laugh at this, but isn’t it one of the episode of Phineas and Ferb says that Linda Flynn and Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz once have a relationship or something like that? Phineas and Doof’s hairstyle is somewhat the same. And Phineas has a pointed nose like family Doofenshmirtz does. And yeah, they both like building things.


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Art student, DynEd fangirl, sometimes comments on contemporary Islamic issues.
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