A Past I can’t Let Go of

Art by KicsterAsh

The actual artwork will not be revealed because it is not permitted to do so. For those who want to see it, click the link below.

“Why does he act like that? Why does he always push me away?”

“… That’s not something I’m allowed to reveal, Linda. When he’s ready, he’ll tell you.”

One thing about Mitch that never changed, from his friendship with Francis to his mentoring Phineas and even Ferb, was that he was constantly someone you could rely on to keep a secret. As much as Mitch needed Francis, Francis needed Mitch.

Linda just gets to the point that she’s desperate for him to kiss her… Only problem is, every time they get close to doing it, he turns away.


About kuzlalala

Art student, DynEd fangirl, sometimes comments on contemporary Islamic issues.
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