thanks dad

Art by avatargirl2000

“Phineas? Is something wrong?” he asked to his brother and best friend.
Phineas walked over to him and gave him a hug. Ferb was a little confused, but he didn’t mind the hug.
“Everything is perfect, I wouldn’t have wished to have a better family than I have now. Promise me Ferb, promise me that you’ll never leave me… never.”
“I promise Phin, I’ll always be there for you” Ferb replied while he closed his eyes and embraced the boy.
Phineas looked over Ferb’s shoulder and saw his dad, smiling at the two brothers.
‘Thank you’ he thought when he saw his father nod and disappeared, knowing he did a great job telling Phineas what he always wanted to say to him, but never had the chance to…


About kuzlalala

Art student, DynEd fangirl, sometimes comments on contemporary Islamic issues.
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