Interview with Francis Flynn

Author: KicsterAsh

Summary:  I wanted to make an interview for Francis, so you guys can get to know him and Mitch. I did some discovering too as I wrote this. I changed a few questions and kept some (The gay one I did NOT write, I swear! It was there! I just thought it would make a funny convo for them too).

Okay, for clarification, Francis and Mitch are both in college, so Mitch thinks like a college dork……. My apologies to you men, hee hee! My bros are like that and so are some of my buds. I just write from my experiences In art school XD

Mitch matures as he grows older. He especially does after Francis’ passing, but that comes later. I have a short story for him too.

Oh yeah, and come on…. When he says “the closet stage” he means that he’s kissed his GF already. NOT anything more than that.

Francis is the more calm one of the group, although he likes to goof off. Mitch is a goofball. I will try to draw them eventually.

Consider this interview a intro to the short stories of Linda and Lawrence.

Okay, enjoy^^

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