You had to go away

Art by MrJAiho2012



About kuzlalala

Art student, DynEd fangirl, sometimes comments on contemporary Islamic issues.
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4 Responses to You had to go away

  1. MrJAiho2012 says:

    Considering this a Page for Phineas and candace’s biological Father
    Francis flynn which belongs to KicsterAsh.

    I MrJAiho2012 Did not permitted any of this pictures to be used us such.
    Please do understand. But it has been already used.So In other words you may used them.
    But let me know when your gonna borrow/use it for such premises.

  2. MrJAiho2012 says:

    Yes,But next time ask my permission First. Before doing so..
    Thank you.

  3. E.L.A says:

    You should write a little story to go with that picture, that will be lovely (just like the picture)!

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