Don’t touch it, Phineas…

Art by KicsterAsh

It was at that moment that Francis and Lucy had reached the bottom of the stair case. The man was about to ask his son a question when instead, his eyes fell upon the boy walking towards an illusion. “Phineas, no!” Francis exclaimed as Lucy gasped. “DON’T TOUCH IT!” When it was clear that Phineas had completely filtered everything out except for the vision of his mother, Francis broke into a sprint and ran to him as quickly as his legs could go.

Phineas held out his hand, ready to set it down in his mother’s. But only a split second before he had, giant wings stretched out around him and flapped madly, stirring the air and clouds around them. Two arms wrapped around his body as the vision of his mother vanished like mist. He was pulled quickly away as air continued to stir madly around him. The wings ceased to flap suddenly, leaving no trace of them ever being there.

“Mom!” Phineas cried out while shutting his eyes tightly.

“That wasn’t your mother, Phineas,” Francis said hastily as he pulled his son back.

“But I saw her right there!”

“That was an illusion your mind conjured up. It wasn’t real. It was a trick.”


About kuzlalala

Art student, DynEd fangirl, sometimes comments on contemporary Islamic issues.
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One Response to Don’t touch it, Phineas…

  1. E.L.A says:

    Nice sorry you got there, maybe you should write and share a story with that in it! Thanks for the post!

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