Daddy, I’m Scared

Author: Isabella Fanatic

Summary: Perseus encounters Candace during a stormy night.

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Don’t touch it, Phineas…

Art by KicsterAsh

It was at that moment that Francis and Lucy had reached the bottom of the stair case. The man was about to ask his son a question when instead, his eyes fell upon the boy walking towards an illusion. “Phineas, no!” Francis exclaimed as Lucy gasped. “DON’T TOUCH IT!” When it was clear that Phineas had completely filtered everything out except for the vision of his mother, Francis broke into a sprint and ran to him as quickly as his legs could go.

Phineas held out his hand, ready to set it down in his mother’s. But only a split second before he had, giant wings stretched out around him and flapped madly, stirring the air and clouds around them. Two arms wrapped around his body as the vision of his mother vanished like mist. He was pulled quickly away as air continued to stir madly around him. The wings ceased to flap suddenly, leaving no trace of them ever being there.

“Mom!” Phineas cried out while shutting his eyes tightly.

“That wasn’t your mother, Phineas,” Francis said hastily as he pulled his son back.

“But I saw her right there!”

“That was an illusion your mind conjured up. It wasn’t real. It was a trick.”

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Last Night and Good Night

Author: Lala Stellune
Summary: Perseus; Phineas and Candace’s biological father, and Linda had an unresolved(?) bad conflict, which left him no choice but to actually run away from the house.

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You had to go away

Art by MrJAiho2012


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man i dont even know


i’m too boring for theories like NO YOU SEE PERRY/DOOF/NORM/THE OLD COOT IS THEIR DAD so

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Art by Nan the cowdog

Kinda re do of a unscanned pic from last year at christmas.
To some Christmas can be a real hard time For those who’s family member is in the millitary.

Since Aaron, Candace and Phin’s Dad in my Fanon was a solder (Im trying to figure out if he’s in the navy or what). This fit.

(Get ready for the water works)

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A Little Change about the Francis Pictures

Source: Francis stamp 01

Here is a word from KicsterAsh, Francis Flynn’s creator:

I don’t want Francis to have a fanclub. PLEASE. NO. FANCLUB. …

…Once I leave the PnF fandom for good, I’m taking Francis with me. He’s an original OC, and will only remain in the PnF fandom until the stories are finished being told. Then those stories may very well be transported into Imagination Jumpstart, save a few differences, including the Doof and Perry parts.

Here is also an excerpt from her reply to one of the commenters:

…if he gets a club, he’ll be chained down to this fandom and I really don’t want that to happen.

So the point is, when KicsterAsh’s done with the PnF fandom, she doesn’t want Francis Flynn to be part of the PnF fandom anymore.

However, that does not mean I will not post any Francis Flynn media anymore. I will post Francis Flynn media which involves any canon Phineas and Ferb character. Which means, I will not post Francis and Mitch, Francis and Imagination Jumpstart characters, etc. I will also try to replace the header with something new. So be patient!

Thank you all for your attention.

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